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9 Qualities You will gradually Find Important In Your Mid 20s

9 Qualities U will gradually Find Important In ur Mid 20s

It’s been sometime since I last blogged, mainly due to some bodily sickness that struck suddenly. This blog post is inspired by the article I read on thought Catalog “9 Qualities You Suddenly Find Attractive In Your Mid 20s by Chelsea Forbes-Terry

This article was apt in terms of timing, as the myriad things that happened has reinforced my belief in these 9 qualities much more than I ever did.
1. Focus

Focus, a search based on keywords “Book on focus” gives 270 mil in search results. The importance of this has never been more emphasized. My peers have always known me to be a goal getter but it hasn’t been an easy task keeping this trait in view in my early 20s. Admittedly, I haven’t really been as focused as someone who instinctively know they want to be a doctor/ lawyer, I just know that I want to discover my strengths, leverage them and make an impact on society. This focus has brought me countless opportunities, whether in terms of career options or meeting people, going places. Increasingly, life will make the focus more lucid for me.
You should try it too. Think about what you wish to achieve when you are just 10 years old and what you want to be like when you are 50. Then work towards the goal.

2. Sincerity

I recently started reading a book “The Charisma Myth” and one of the secrets to charisma is sincerity. We could always instinctively feel the warmth of a sincere waiter/ customer service officer in a matter of seconds and the absence of that “beating about the bush” or hidden agenda make us more interested to hear more what he/she says. It goes both ways for me, I give my attention to those who are sincere and I aim to be sincere whether during/outside of work.

3. Talent

In the article, it says “The older you get the more you realize the amount that goes into developing certain skills and abilities so much so that you start to appreciate when others have put in the work to build on their own talents.” – Aptly described what I have recently grown to appreciate since starting work 5 years ago. Unlike superheros, most of us could be clueless about the superpowers we have. 
But once we discover our talents and put them to use, wonderful things happen. That is why I believe in team work. Talent could be innate but often nurtured by your background, your upbringing, influences in your life, the people you meet and the places you have been. It goes way beyond the 10,000 hours of practice. 
One of the best things out of school, or stepping into mid 20s is that I start to recognize talents that you didn’t before, like being a good negotiator or influencer. Start looking at what you like to do, what you often get praises for and that’s the beginning of recognising the unique talents you have.

4. Patience

The article talks about women like myself, appreciating guys who don’t rush into things. I think patience resonates with me beyond that aspect. Good thoughts and good things need to be done at the right time, not too soon/not too late to deliver its greatest impact. Sometimes I may just have to kick myself to stop verbalising what I thought is a brilliant idea and wait for the right moment to let it out as it is then that it will receive its maximum glory. Try it at work, during meetings, or even in conversations.

5. Depth

Depth is a deep word to me (pardon the pun) but I think it is also related to reflections, thinking long term etc. It is perhaps one of the traits that I need to constantly remind myself of, that each project I undertake is worth more time to deliberate on, to discover the various perspectives, to think more deeply about. This ties in well with the trait of patience, discovering and uncovering the greatest potential of a good thought.

6. Maturity

Maturity, to me means knowing what to do/not at the right time. The article mentions about women in their mid 20s will grow to appreciate mature men. What has become clear to me is that age is not a mark of maturity. The mark of maturity comes with confronting choices and making them and sticking by them, despite the consequences.

7. Experience
In today’s world where info and knowledge can be accessed at the click of a button seems to put maturity and experience in the back seat. But I have grown to realise that it goes beyond just knowing something, sometimes it’s about empathy. Without the relevant life experiences, it is hard to fully emphasize and understand the meaning, impact etc. I value colleagues, friends who take the time to share with me their experience and expertise as it helps me in so many ways to fully absorb the knowledge/situation.

8. Passion

“Much like talent, passion is something that develops over time.”
Passion is like a glowing torch of energy that spurs you on even in the darkest of nights; it is also the light at the end of the tunnel that guides me. It is not easy to recognise it or even come to terms with it as it has been for me. I think it is after I get over the fact that success can come in many forms that I truly embrace entrepreneurship. And once that happens, the rest is history. Opportunities, foresight, belief in the ability to succeed will follow.

9. Self-Awareness

“They know who they are and have a keen sense of what things they do and don’t need to work on to become more actualized human beings.”
Being self aware is an attractive thing, as the article mentions. I think passion, talent and sincerity, in combination with self awareness is a potent thing. It draws the right people to you and the feeling in itself is wonderful.
Other thoughts:
You may be wondering why startupixie features articles like this besides startup stuff. Well, we are all human, with other perspectives and personas and perhaps you would like to know us, follow us on our journey, understand our motivations, like how we are interested in yours. Give us your opinions and comments 🙂

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