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After you have successfully started your own business and spent a few months building it up, it’s time for growth. And growth is often the most important aim of all, it determines if you get the next round of funding or your ability to build the company’s brand.

The is designed to help you “hack” growth by increasing sales with clever tips and tricks on a shoestring budget. Visit now.

Looking to hire MBA candidates for Summer internship?

Are you looking to transform your business, expand into new markets and improve your business strategy over the summer? Hire MBA students from #1 MBA school – INSEAD!

Here’s more information on the internship:
Duration: 8 weeks (full time), from 4 Jul to 26 Aug
(possible to negotiate to start part time before 4 Jul)
Compensation: flexible

Background of INSEAD students
Nationalities: 80+
Average work experience: 6 years
Female: 30%
Average age: 29
Average GMAT: score 700
Possible contribution: Business development, sharing of business contacts in their home countries, Strategy (we are specially trained in this), specific work experience to help improve your operations, finance, marketing, sales and other areas of business

Timeline and Process of hiring:
1. Hiring company will have the priority of receiving the list of prospective students’ profiles by 28 March and will be given 3 days to shortlist the candidates they are interested in hiring potentially. Links to their Linkedin profiles are provided in the profile to assist with decision making.

2. Depending on your preference, the Industry IC (my INSEAD team member) will help you to 
    1) retrieve their CV and/ or
    2) arrange for visit to your office (if your office is at Blk 71, 79 ayer rajah area) and/ or 
    3) arrange for interviews

3. Hiring companies to decide on the candidate they want to hire by end April.

Simply email me at elise[dot]tan[at]insead[dot]edu if you are interested 🙂

A New year starts with looking back

One year ago, on the 1st of Jan 2015, I decided that I will take on a new challenge in life.

It was a hard one and eventually I chose to take the GMAT. I thought, well, as long as I take my masters within the next 5 years, I have nothing to lose. And for the next 2.5 months, I buried myself in books over lunchtimes and evenings. Halfway through, I thought  that since I have been spending so much on GMAT, that I should try applying to the MBA schools too.  And this led on to another and another.

By Mar, I have

1. Scored 720 on GMAT

2. Applied to Oxford and INSEAD and got offers from both

Lyanna, thanks for sharing your GMAT study tips with me!

It was a tough choice but chose INSEAD in the end as it seems to provide me with the network that I want, which is a large local community of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

The decision was also helped by the fact that I met ten other alumni and they spoke really well of INSEAD and shared the things they learn.

After the B-school challenge, I thought, what about another one – build my social media presence online. I started focusing on sharing just entrepreneurial  and funding news on twitter in July and I started seeing results right away, 100 followers sign up per week. The growth eventually tapers off and now I have more than 600 followers. In addition, I also started writing for since Sep 2015 and now I have written 4 articles in all.

Then, finally, I wanted to know exactly it would be like to work in the VC industry and after two months of search, I found the internship I want. The 3 month stint took me to Silicon Valley twice and opened my horizons to fundraising and investing in startups. The experience also inspired me to start a weekly newsletter for INSEAD students and alumni to share news, resources and opportunities on startup and VC industry.

Well, that pretty much wraps up 2015 and for 2016, I plan to:

1. Pass my exemption exams in Jan 2016

2. Get a scholarship

3. Get a good internship in Jul – Aug 2016

4. Network well and hopefully to a role in London but work for a Singapore based firm in Jan 2017

Wish me luck!


A list of well known startups started by INSEAD Alumni


INSEAD has been known as a consulting school among MBA candidates. But do you know that INSEAD is second in terms of number of CEOs in the world and is also well-known for amount of funding raised by INSEAD graduated entrepreneurs? Here’s a list of start-ups by INSEAD alumni:

Propertyguru regional_logo

A guru in property that recently raised $130 mil in funding, Propertyguru is started by finnish INSEAD alumni, Jani Rautiainen. Their recent round of investments include investors such as U.S. private equity firm TPG.


One of the disruptors in grocery shopping in SE Asia, Redmart is started by INSEAD alumni, Roger Egan III and Vikram Rupani. Click here for the Techinasia article on how Redmart revolutionize grocery shopping.

logo-dark-prodigy finance

One of the top start-ups in Fintech, Prodigy Loan is started by INSEAD alumni Michael Ullmann and Ryan Steele.
Click here for Prodigy Loan being one of the top fundraisers on Finovate.

villa finder

David Chambat, founder of Villa-Finder was an MBA student at INSEAD Singapore.The management team never sought funds and remains bootstrapped. It has expanded to cover locations in Phuket, Samui, and Sri Lanka.


Tom Lokenvitz, an INSEADer, started Smove – an e-vehicles platform in Singapore, Smove has raised US$1.1M funding round led by Rebright Partners in 2014.

Nakul Sharm Hostmaker

Hostmaker – started by Nakul Sharma, MBA alumni from INSEAD, provides management services for Airbnb hosts. Hostmaker recently raised $2 mil in seed funding.

Other start-ups started by INSEAD alumni:

1. ActSocial (formerly Wildfire) – a social media intelligence startup started by INSEAD alumni, Christoph-Zrenner and Benjamin Duvall. It was acquired two months ago by Linkfluence, a global social media intelligence firm based in Europe.

2. TabSquare – a tablet based e-menu for restaurants founded by INSEAD alumni, Anshul Gupta and Sankaran Sreeraman.

3. Ideal Workspace – a start-up that sells standing desks online started by Yuying Deng and Andrew Mcdonnell.

4. Edit Suits – website selling made-to-measure men’s clothes is started by INSEAD alumnus Reto Peter.

5. Crowdonomic -Is a crowdfunding platform started by INSEAD alumni, Leo Shimada and Nicola Castelnuovo. Crowdonomic has recently obtained the license to provide equity in KL to help small businesses raise funds.

6. Rumie – Is non profit which brings digital education to the underprivileged, started by INSEAD alumnus, Tariq Fancy.

7. Ethnicraft Online – started by INSEAD alumni, Jonathan Roelandts and Katrien Bollen, founded Ethnicraft Online, which uses a hybrid model that combines an online store with a physical showroom in Jingan, China.

Please email me at elise(dot)tan(at)insead(dot)com if I miss out any company!

Quick Snapshot of startup news in SouthEast Asian region

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News/ Resources in VC and Startup scene in Singapore and the region:

1. The A-Z of Singapore startup grants and schemes

Starting a company in Singapore in the future? This is an article that you need to bookmark. There are many government grants or funding starting from $50,000 for zero equity and assistance in Singapore so make full use of them.

2. Rocket Internet rolls out SE Asia Focus hotel booking platform Zenrooms

Aside from the news above, I would like to share that in Asia and particularly Singapore, Rocket internet has become well known in the industry for having deep pockets and being swift and relentless in creating or investing in startups that scale rapidly. Many of the employees at Rocket have also gone on to start their own businesses like hipvan,com and Wanting to get a taste of running a startup before doing so yourself? Maybe Rocket internet is a good way to get started.

3. China’s Didi bullish on U.S. partner Lyft, criticises Uber

In Singapore, besides the regular taxis, passengers now have Uber as well as Malaysia-born Grabtaxi. So for those starting in Fonty, you can use the same Uber app as you have in your country and also enjoy first time sign up credits on Grabtaxi to get around 🙂 In China, Didi is the ‘uber’ and it has been invested by Ten Cent and GSR Ventures and in India, there is Ola.
If you are interested in specifically healthcare VC/PE deals, I recommend reading the pulse publication of Julien de Salaberry


If you’ve any feedback, just leave a comment and love to hear your comment!


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