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Why I like Boldr watches and why they are going to kick asses of other smart watches

Why I like Boldr watches and why they are going to kick asses of other smart watches

The first thing struck me is that wow, a home made wearable at last and what’s more, it looks good. Period.

2nd image

Unlike the squarish fitbit, Samsung gear or Apple watch, this watch looks good for a date or even for the workplace. What probably comes close in terms of design would be Motorola’s Moto360 but the first two versions are really thick.


The next thing that stands out is their easily replaceable battery (CR2032) that can power the BOLDR Smartmodule for up to 6 months. 6 months! None of the smart watches can last long than one day without requiring charge. Perhaps only Mi Band can withstand not charging for a month but it does not tell the time.

Function wise,  the BOLDR Voyage comes with:

  • BOLDR Smartmodule with embedded LEDs and built-in vibration motor
  • Integrated pedometer with progress tracker
  • Calls, sms and app notification system
  • Anti-loss system
  • Remote camera shutter

This is not the first  but the second crowdfunding campaign that the founders are running for watches. Within 24 hours from launched, the project beat its initial pledge goal and was fully backed. To date, they have already raised 72,238 CAD.  Last but not least, they are already featured by numerous techblogs and news sites.

already featured

How about getting one for yourself for just 169 CAD? 🙂



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