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Quick Snapshot of startup news in SouthEast Asian region

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News/ Resources in VC and Startup scene in Singapore and the region:

1. The A-Z of Singapore startup grants and schemes

Starting a company in Singapore in the future? This is an article that you need to bookmark. There are many government grants or funding starting from $50,000 for zero equity and assistance in Singapore so make full use of them.

2. Rocket Internet rolls out SE Asia Focus hotel booking platform Zenrooms

Aside from the news above, I would like to share that in Asia and particularly Singapore, Rocket internet has become well known in the industry for having deep pockets and being swift and relentless in creating or investing in startups that scale rapidly. Many of the employees at Rocket have also gone on to start their own businesses like hipvan,com and shopback.com. Wanting to get a taste of running a startup before doing so yourself? Maybe Rocket internet is a good way to get started.

3. China’s Didi bullish on U.S. partner Lyft, criticises Uber

In Singapore, besides the regular taxis, passengers now have Uber as well as Malaysia-born Grabtaxi. So for those starting in Fonty, you can use the same Uber app as you have in your country and also enjoy first time sign up credits on Grabtaxi to get around 🙂 In China, Didi is the ‘uber’ and it has been invested by Ten Cent and GSR Ventures and in India, there is Ola.
If you are interested in specifically healthcare VC/PE deals, I recommend reading the pulse publication of Julien de Salaberry


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