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The Pixe- list: Top 5 Startups to watch this week

The Pixe- list: Top 5 Startups to watch this week

pixe-list Top 5 this week

  • chopeChope, Singapore’ restaurant booking service raised 11 million from F&H Fund Management, NSI Ventures, Frontier ventures and SPH
  • eatigoI recently chanced upon Eatigo which is in the same space and I see their potential as they have managed to negotiate for huge discounts for diners who book for meals at specific hours. For example, booking lunch at Marriott Cafe at 2 pm gives you 50%. The depth of discount makes the deal very attractive and it’s also win-win for the restaurant, given that there are times of the day where the manpower and tables are not maximised.
  • Patsnap, one of NUS’ portfolio companies, has recently raised S$4.5 million with Vertex holdings. They are in a really niche space, making the search for patents faster, smarter and more effortless. Patsnap started in 2007 and with NUS’ help, has since expanded beyond the shores of Singapore to China.


New accelerators on our sunny shores!



Rockstart from Amsterdam is here! I met Nicky Koopman when she was in Singapore last year, scouting for an incubator manager and it’s now finally launched!